WE DID IT! Gary Johnson received 5.74% of the presidential vote here in our state. That is MORE THAN TWICE what we needed to maintain our ballot access status for 2018. Thanks to every single one of you who were inspired to vote for more choices and real change. Now Libertarian candidates can run for office carrying the true banner of Liberty.

Libertarian down ticket candidates also did very well. Every single one of them "won" when they decided to step up and so did every person who voted for representation based on minimum government and maximum freedom. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise or get away with that 3rd party "spoiler" nonsense. You own yourself and you own your vote. The responsibility of selling political agendas belongs to the seller. Votes are political capital and no one has a duty to spend theirs buying something they don't want.

Building a political organization with the goal of less government is a bit like the often used analogy of rolling a heavy boulder down a mountain. It takes a lot of time and effort to get it moving, but the task becomes easier and easier once the momentum kicks in. Ultimately it comes down to people either getting behind it or getting out of the way,

What can you do?

Help us to keep Liberty an option in Oklahoma by getting involved and donating your time to support a candidate or an issue.

If you are limited on time please consider donating financially. Your financial support to the OKLP will enable us to GROW and promote our message of limited government and ALL Freedoms for ALL People, ALL of the Time. Your generous donation will directly support Libertarians getting things done to advance the cause of Liberty in Oklahoma.