The Attorney General Is Determined to Undermine Your Privacy

“The Department of Justice claims to support “strong encryption, which is used by billions of people every day for services such as banking, commerce, and communications.” Yet the department is actively working to weaken encryption, lest fully secure communications frustrate law

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8 Cases Everyone Should Know from the Rehnquist Court

“Here is another preview of the 11-hour video library from our new book, An Introduction to Constitutional Law: 100 Supreme Court Cases Everyone Should Know. This post will focus on the first batch of cases from the Rehnquist Court.” Article by Josh

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Horn Hails Passage of Cannabis Banking Bill

U.S. Representative Kendra Horn (D – OK) has co-sponsored a bill, which passed the House with strong bipartisan support, that seeks to allow the cannabis industry to use the federal banking system. Article by Chris Casteel.

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Powell Moves to Bethany City Politics

OKLP Member and former Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Chris Powell launches a campaign to win the recently vacated Ward 1 City Council seat in Bethany, Oklahoma on November 12th. Article by McCarville Report.    

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OKLP Chair wins Choctaw City Council Seat

“Chad Williams, who was elected chair of the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma as its convention in March, was elected to a 1st Ward seat on the Choctaw City Council on April 2, defeating the incumbent by two votes.” Article by

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