Platform of the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma
Adopted on 27 March 2021

We, the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma, oppose the initiation of force to achieve personal, political, or social objectives.

The Libertarian Party of Oklahoma makes every effort to free Oklahoma from oppressive laws and taxes. We view the maximum role of government as the minimum necessary to protect individuals’ rights to life, liberty, and property. In matters of commerce, government should be limited to arbitrating disputes and prosecuting theft, fraud, or injury. All state governments and subdivisions thereof must be transparent and fully accountable to the people of Oklahoma.

We support the rights of the smallest minority — the individual. Individuals have the right to live and engage in any activity that is honest, peaceful, and does not infringe on the rights of others. Individuals have an inalienable right to own property. We respect an individual’s right to determine their own healthcare and a parent’s sovereignty regarding the upbringing of their children.

We support a competitive, free market and oppose government barriers to employment and industry. We support the elimination of restrictive and discriminatory regulations, which hinder growth. We oppose any government impediments to the pursuit of economic success.

Whereas the laws of the state of Oklahoma must be judged on the merits of the U.S. Constitution, we seek to prevent government overreach and protect all people from infringements upon individual liberty. We endeavor to abolish every law that encroaches on personal freedom, including but not limited to civil asset forfeiture, excessive confinement and/or fines, and intrusive surveillance or data collection. We resolve to educate all individuals on jury nullification to reclaim our rights in Oklahoma.

We categorically reject all restrictions on the right to bear arms. We will not support any legislation aimed at banning any weapons, ammunition, or accessories. We will not support any legislation that would deny anyone the right to defend themselves.

Our silence about any government law, regulation, ordinance, directive, edict, control, regulatory agency, activity, or objections shall not be construed to imply approval or disapproval.

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