OKLP Recognizes Work of Candidates, Activists, and Volunteers

On this, the 15th day of November, in the year 2020:

WHEREAS, 2020 was a Presidential year, with Jo Jorgensen as the Libertarian Party candidate for this position, and,

WHEREAS, 2020 also gave all Oklahomans a full slate of Libertarian candidates for state-wide office, and,

WHEREAS, some house districts had nearly a full slate of Libertarians to vote for, and,

WHEREAS, the COVID-19 outbreak created unique challenges for campaigning in all races, from Federal to Local, and,

WHEREAS, a Libertarian presidential candidate visited the state to campaign, twice, for the first time in State Party history, and

WHEREAS, many activists dedicated many hours and thousands of dollars to these candidates, and

WHEREAS, despite the challenges, activists from all over the state knocked doors, waved signs, and spread the Libertarian message by numerous means,

BE IT RESOLVED by this that all these candidates, activists and volunteers have the gratitude and commendation of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party Executive Committee.

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