2016 Election: The Libertarian Party returns to Oklahoma’s ballot after a 16-year absence
October 26, 2016
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November 18, 2016


The Libertarian Party of Oklahoma achieved a historic success in the 2016 campaign. Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson received almost 6% of the popular vote in our state, more than doubling what was needed for the party to maintain its ballot access status for the 2018 elections. Johnson received more votes than any Libertarian in the history of Oklahoma politics signalling that voters are ready for more choices and real change.

“This election has been a tremendous success for the party” said Party Chair Tina Kelly, “we have an energetic group of activists and candidates who are eager to continue this momentum into the future. I’ve been so impressed and inspired by the hard work put forth by the local movers and shakers in the Gary Johnson campaign. We’ve seen the party grow like never before because of the excitement this election has generated.”

Libertarian candidates also performed well in several down-ticket races. “What we saw was a broad-based acceptance and enthusiasm for the Libertarian message that overcame many obstacles such as funding and other campaign challenges.”

The party will quickly be switching gears to focus on the 2018 elections, selecting a candidate for governor and other federal, state and local offices.  According to Oklahoma state law, the party’s gubernatorial candidate must also achieve at least 2.5% of the popular vote in 2018 for the party to retain ballot access for the 2020 presidential campaign.

“Looking forward, we don’t really see that 2.5% mark as a barrier to future success. In 2018 and beyond, we’ll be running to win. The Libertarian message has resonated with voters in Oklahoma, and we will work tirelessly to ensure citizens have the opportunity to support principled libertarian candidates seeking office at every level of state government.”

“Outreach remains our top priority, and we will make every effort to engage and connect with registered Libertarians and all those who supported our candidates this cycle. We hope to inspire and support new faces as they carry the torch of Liberty and considering running for office themselves.”

Oklahomans are encouraged to contact the party via its Facebook page or website in order to get involved and be informed of upcoming events.