OKLP State Executive Committee Issues Unanimous Resolution Concerning LP State Affiliate Membership Purges

(Adopted 30 January 2022)

WHEREAS, leaders of the Libertarian Party of Delaware and Libertarian Association of Massachusetts disenfranchised political opponents primarily for internal political reasons, rather than individual behavior warranting discipline, depriving such individuals of their rights to participate and vote on party affairs; and

WHEREAS, these membership purges raise serious doubt that the National delegates of the aforementioned affiliates will be legitimately selected and representative of the respective affiliate’s entire membership;

WHEREAS, the LNC has declared multiple times that the only remedy they have to an alleged purge is to disaffiliate a State Libertarian Party;

WHEREAS, National Libertarian Party rules dictate that no State Party can be disaffiliated within six months of a National Convention which means that no such remedy exists at this point, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Oklahoma Libertarian Party State Executive Committee hereby urges its elected National delegates to challenge the seating of the Massachusetts and the Delaware delegations at the 2022 National Convention in Reno; and Further

RESOLVED, that the Oklahoma Libertarian Party State Executive Committee is hereby empowered to rescind some or all of this motion, in the event that the aforementioned affiliates restore the membership rights of the disenfranchised members in enough time that the delegations can be representative of the respective state affiliates.

We, the undersigned, being members of the Executive Committee of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party consent and agree to this resolution made on January 30, 2022 at 2:27pm during a regularly scheduled State Executive Meeting.

James Beau Thouvenel, Chair 
Kalon Wiggins, Vice Chair
Cherise Norton, Secretary
Todd Hagopian, Treasurer
Will Daugherty, At Large Representative
Jeff Fortune, At Large Representative
Clint Rapp, At Large Representative
Jake Spann, At Large Representative
Drew Cook, Central Region Chair
Fletcher Daniels, Northeast Region Chair
David Greer, Southeast Region Chair
Dalton Matthews, Southwest Region Chair

Resolution 2022.01(SEC)

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